Research in the time of COVID-19

Covid-19 has brought on many challenges worldwide; but despite current conditions, Yuzu Kyodai can still help with your insights and strategy needs.

Using non face-to-face and digital methods (working with platform partners), we’re able to tackle different business problems:


Unpack cultural discourse, trends, investigate consumer behavior, consumer immersion


Brand positioning, portfolio architecture, opportunity mapping, product innovation


Communication codes and languages, concept development, stimulus evaluation

Online groups & interviews

Real time focus groups and interviews that can be observed across regions and countries

Mobile ethnography

Capturing consumer behaviour on an app, and observing them in their most natural environment

Semiotic decoding

Analysis of cultural artifacts – communications, popular culture, history, packaging

Desk research

Analysis of existing knowledge and information – prior research, articles, journals

Digital data analysis

AI assisted social listening to get to consumer trends, changes in culture

Expert collaboration

Working with experts to triangulate data points and sources

Online panel discussion

Online discussion moderated live with a large sample of consumers