Business impact grounded in culture


Market Research and Semiotics Agency

It all starts with in-depth market research including qualitative and quantitative approaches. This research then fuels our insight and recommendations into market entry, growth strategies, branding, positioning, and more. Our insight helps clients differentiate and resonate with their target audience – even in some of the toughest and most dynamic cultural contexts.

Based in Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore, Yuzu Kyodai specialises in unearthing cultural insights to inform brand strategy for clients around the globe. We believe successful products don’t just sit on a shelf, but engage with and are part of the culture around them. We use a mix of semiotic, consumer, and design research to help brands navigate and work within their unique cultural contexts.

As a creative partner, our expertise is unvarying, and our approach is always innovative. Yuzu Kyodai never offers cookie-cutter solutions: each challenge that a client brings us is treated as unique, and as a problem requiring an original approach.

Market Research Services

Our research process begins by working with our clients to identify their specific research needs and goals. From there, we design and implement a research plan tailored to their needs, using a combination of methods that best suit the project at hand.

We use ethnographic research, semiotics analysis, and design research to uncover the unspoken desires, emotions, and cultural codes that influence consumer behaviour in Japan, China, and other markets across the globe.

We understand the key to success for any business is a deep understanding of consumer culture. That’s why we conduct market research in Japan, China, and beyond to help our clients gain a comprehensive and deep understanding of their target markets. Our research methods are a mix of qualitative and quantitative, allowing us to provide a well-rounded understanding of consumer behaviour and attitudes.

We use semiotics and cultural intelligence to uncover the underlying cultural and societal meanings that shape consumer behaviour, while also conducting nationwide surveys and diary studies to gather actionable data.

Growth Strategy & Innovation

Our growth and innovation recommendations typically focus on category mapping, design research, ideation workshops, and new concept development. We help clients roll out products that resonate with new markets and target groups and help others expand through creative strategies that resonate deeply with their target audience.
Our goal is to provide actionable insights that can be implemented right away to drive growth and innovation. We don’t just summarise what consumers said in interviews, but deliver in-depth cultural understanding and develop insight-led strategy. Our focus is on developing actionable strategies and cultural frameworks for companies looking to grow their existing business or develop innovative new products and business lines.
From creating concepts for ad and social media campaigns to developing plans for leveraging digital tools, from defining a visual brand language to determining ideal communications channels, we ensure our clients are positioned to stand out in crowded markets.

Branding &

We understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and relevance in communication, and we use this understanding to develop effective communication plans and content strategies tailored to the specific market and grounded in local culture.

The most resonant brands are rooted in culture, and we help brands understand and become part of the cultural context.

Market Entry

We use our expertise in market research and semiotics to scope out the best places for new entrants to succeed. By identifying the right customer targets and understanding the cultural nuances of each market, we help our clients make informed decisions about where and how to enter the market.

In order to succeed in any market, it’s crucial to effectively communicate our clients’ brand message. This means not only translating the original brand DNA into local languages, but also understanding how to present it in a way that resonates with the target audience.

We work with our clients to adapt strategies for text and visual language that help ensure their brand is positioned to penetrate the market.

Case Studies

Yuzu Kyodai believes that every project has its own, unique solution. Our past work is testament to the diversity of the challenges we meet, and the variation in the solutions we can generate.

These key examples showcase our expertise in a way from beauty to food to Japanese coffee culture.

What We Are to Our Clients

A strategic partner

To establish brands in the key markets of East Asia, or to strengthen their position

An advisor

To decode countries, cultures, and markets; and to build trust between brands and individuals

Field researchers

To find fresh sources of inspiration, and to refine a brand’s purpose in new contexts


To translate global brand DNA into local language

A time machine

To link new trends back to cultural origins that still resonate today


To create consumer and culture-led innovation pipelines