Who we are

Even the most successful international companies may falter within dynamic environments.

Yuzu Kyodai is a strategy consultancy that is grounded in culture. We believe that strong brands stand in dialogue with their cultural context.

As a creative partner, our expertise is unvarying, and our approach always innovative. We combine consumer insight, semiotics, cultural research and innovation management; and we help our clients to shape brands for the future.

What we do

As we examine the characteristics of East Asian and international markets from our offices in Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore, we create a perspective from which we can spot commonalities. And, conversely, we are able to discern the underlying logic of where and why those markets function differently.

We do not think in categories, but look for inspiration beyond such confines; we do not ask closed yes or no questions, when an open and expansive dialogue reveals so much more

Yuzu Kyodai never offers cookie-cutter solutions: each challenge that a client brings us is treated as unique, and as a problem requiring an original approach.


Finding the right solution requires first grasping the problem’s context. Yuzu Kyodai therefore starts each project with a comprehensive diagnosis of the cultural conditions. Only then can we comprehend the frame of
reference that people will use to evaluate any new or existing brand.


Exploring new markets or meeting new demands: with Yuzu Kyodai as a partner, clients can overcome challenges in market entry, innovation management and brand strategy.


We partner with companies from insight to execution: we ensure that the insights won translate into strategy, and that they find their way into execution without losing their substance.

Case studies

Yuzu Kyodai believes that every project has its own, unique solution. Our past work is testament to the diversity of the challenges we meet, and the variation in the solutions we can generate.

These key examples showcase the variation in the solutions we can generate from beauty to food to Japanese coffee culture.

What we are to our clients

A strategic partner, to establish brands in the key markets of East Asia, or to strengthen their position

An adviser, to decode countries, cultures and markets; and to build trust between brands and individuals

Field researchers, to find fresh sources of inspiration, and to refine a brand’s purpose in new contexts

What we are to our clients

Interpreters, to translate global brand DNA into local language

A time machine, to link new trends back to cultural origins that still resonate today

Inventors, to create consumer and culture-led innovation pipelines