Making brands
future proof

We find inspiration in looking at business challenges from multiple angles. Whether our clients need to redefine their business purpose, establish their relevance and customer value, or adapt their global DNA to a local lifestyle, our motto is ‘be helpful’.
To tackle such cases, Yuzu Kyodai combines traditional methodologies with new approaches, uncovering the subconscious cultural codes that underlie people’s decision-making. Different components of sociology, semiotics, and anthropology help us to map cultural preconceptions and to comprehend fully their nuances.

Solid methods meet new approaches

Our work ranges from figuring out the optimal shapes and designs for Japanese kitchen appliances to deconstructing how ‘value for money’ is understood in Vietnam; from redefining the purpose of an outdoor fashion brand in an urban Chinese context to creating a five-year blueprint for the beauty device innovation pipeline in East Asia; from six weeks of research into the travel habits of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean millennials to long-term partnerships, such as the recovery strategy for a global restaurant chain as it rebuilt consumer trust.
Market Entry
To launch more than just another option on the shelf requires a thorough mastery of category and consumer behaviour, as well as of their cultural setting. With market research as our foundation, we rely on a few core strategies to help clients identify both their purpose in new markets, and how best to become a part of people’s everyday life.
Market Research
Market research is the foundation of all other methodologies and approaches. It charts the course for growth. We integrate traditional approaches with wide sectoral expertise. This ranges from technology, FMCG, healthcare, and finance to fashion and design. Ultimately, the things that we hear, touch, and see every day are a core component of how we all generate and decode meaning.
Growth Strategy & Innovation
Fueled by your objectives and our market research, our goal is to provide our clients with actionable insights and strategies that can be implemented right away to drive growth and innovation.
Branding and Positioning
We use our understanding of cultural sensitivity and relevance in communication to develop effective communication plans and content strategies tailored to the specific market and grounded in local culture.

Category Landscaping

We help clients understand the lay of the land by mapping out key competitors’ strategies and USPs.

Channel Strategy

We help companies to build a presence on channels that can create or enhance brand awareness for their target audiences.

Semiotics & Cultural Intelligence

Fundamental to our work is our cultural mapping: understanding the wider cultural context of products and the codes behind them. This combined approach of semiotics, cultural analysis and design research is key to our approach.

Qualitative Market Research

Skilfully moderated and methodically examined, in-depth interviews, workshops, and focus groups help us to decipher the relationship between people and brands.

Design Research

Backed by market research, we help clients develop strategic guidelines to brief creative agencies on packaging design, space design, branding, and more.

Category Mapping

We aim to understand what products currently exist in the market and identify the white space in order to chart a path to growth.

Defining Visual Brand Language

From fonts to logos, we identify how a business or product should look to build a cohesive and compelling image.

Digital Content Strategy

We help develop plans for how clients can leverage digital tools to connect with new and existing consumers.

Target Identification

From age and gender to income and hobbies, it’s vital to hone in on demographics for clarity in branding and strategy.

Localisation Strategy

More than translating the brand into local languages, we seek to understand how to adapt it in a way that resonates deeply with the local audience.

Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative market research provides systematic, detailed information on target audiences and categories. We execute surveys and polls with precise analysis, and use the insights they provide to make actionable recommendations.

Diary Studies

The user-generated qualitative data found in diary studies can help you keep an ear on the ground to gain instant feedback and continuous consumer insight.

New Business/Product Concept Development

We determine what ideas already exist (or don’t exist) in the market to build a toolbox for developing an innovative product or business.

Ideation Workshop

Holding workshops for clients to brainstorm new ideas together provides ample insight into new products.

Campaign Concept Development

We help create compelling concepts for ad campaigns, social media campaigns, TVCM, and more.

Communications Strategy

We develop comprehensive communication plans that cover the what, when, where, and to whom our clients’ message should be delivered.