Why we get up in the morning

PURPOSE, ZONG ZHI, IKIGAI, SINN: there is a word in every language to express why we all get out of bed in the morning. We put our clients’ purpose at the heart of every collaboration, and furthering it is at the core of what we do. We believe that the most successful brands know, represent and live their purpose, rather than merely talk about it. Their products do not just sit on a shelf: they instead incorporate, and eventually become relevant to, the cultural context around them.

Lateral thinking and bridge-building

East Asia has been the pre-eminent formative influence on Yuzu Kyodai’s business. First established in Tokyo, and now with a sister offices in Shanghai and Singapore, our international team combines the familiarity of the insider with the curiosity of the outsider. This gives us distance and knowhow: both vital for examining the lifestyle realities of Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea and other Asian markets.

Our analysis goes beyond both geography and disciplines: when first delving into the coffee industry, we visited teahouses; for the restaurant of the future, we looked for inspiration in the business class cabins of airlines. We think laterally, and we find in the unexpected angle our most creative ideas.


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Team Members

Market research, culture management, space and product engineering, sociology, advertising, innovation management and political science: our approach to any challenge is always multifaceted. Although well-versed in traditional methodologies, we believe our true forté is an eclectic perspective that is embedded in culture.