Case Study:
Fried Chicken in Vietnam


Like most of South East Asia, Vietnam is primarily a chicken market when it comes to eating outside the house. Restaurant chains not offering chicken find it hard to sustain a loyal following. One global quick service restaurant (QSR) chain discovered this recently: upon entering the market, they stayed true to their global menu and its greater focus on beef. Sales growth was consequently slow, and so the decision was made to introduce a fried on-the-bone chicken product. But the question remained: how can you adequately differentiate and exploit unmet needs in a crammed market?


We conducted a close analysis of the fried chicken market, including flavour profiles, price points, pairings and enhancements (such as dipping sauces and special batters), and eating contexts. We also built a framework of what makes fried chicken good. This became the basis for developing concepts that played with functional and emotional messages, which we tested with consumers in blind taste tests.


  • Market Immersion
  • Focus Groups
  • Strategy Consultancy


The results led to a unique flavour, with a breakthrough message about quality that pushed the restaurant sales well above forecasts. This then paved the way to the company’s successful and continued expansion in Vietnam.